Our expertise

MPS manufactures all simulators in-house. The vast majority of simulator components and software are designed and engineered by MPS. Our software development is concentrated in the Netherlands while our eletronic developments are managed from our facilities in Germany.


Flight Modeling

Our programmers and pilots have successfully programmed, tested and certified several aircraft aerodynamic flight models like the Boeing 737-800W and Airbus A320. In addition to aerodynamic modeling, ground modeling and engine modeling is also part of our expertise. The accuracy of our modeling is confirmed at Level D quality in the QTG flight tests.

Simulator Systems Programming

All simulator functionality is programmed in-house. In fact, the only software in our devices not programmed by MPS is the Level D visual system image generation software. Our programming expertise includes:

  • Simulator host software (aerodynamic, position, navigation, weather calculations)
  • Electronics interfacing
  • Aircraft systems to manufacturer specifications
  • Instructor operating station (IOS)
  • Debrief system
  • Audio processing
  • Control loading

Electronics Engineering

Electronics control is also designed and manufactured in-house. This incorporates all controllers, interfacing and operation of each electronic element in the simulator. Not only each light and button, but also many hidden functionality behind flight deck panels and under the simulator are part of the electronics infrastructure.

The majority of electronics engineering and manufacturing takes place at our facility in Dresden, Germany. 

Hardware Engineering

From basic metal work to create the simulator base frame to fine laser engraving of flight deck panels, all hardware design is done in-house. Many parts are also manufactured in-house or by close suppliers. In some instances, actual aircraft hardware is incorporated. Our own hardware team has extensive CAD/CAM and engineering experience.