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DDA experiences unique training possibillities of MPS DC-3 simulator

Groenekan, 24 May 2016

The Dutch Dakota Association (DDA) has been the first operator in the world to have trained their pilots on the new DC-3 simulator of MPS. As a preparation for the upcoming season 7 DDA pilots have strengthened their knowledge and skills by flying the DC-3 simulator between the 17th and 23rd of May. Amongst others they covered starts, landings, engine failures directly after rotation, propeller feathering, IFR procedures and cockpit re-familiarization.

Member of the board and DDA-pilot Lex van Houtert: “Although the DC-3 simulator is not completely finalized yet, the training value is already remarkable. First of all it gives us the opportunity to perfect the cockpit procedures before we actually fly. Secondly we have been given the possibility to simulate and practice emergency scenarios that up to now were impossible to train. For instance an engine failure; the risks are too high to execute this while flying. This simulator provides us an excellent opportunity to practice this in a safe manner.”

MPS CEO and President Dick Verburg: “MPS develops this simulator in cooperation with the DDA to support the continuation of flying DC-3’s. Approximately 300 of these beautiful aircrafts are still flying today and the DC-3 has been very important for the history of aviation. By developing this simulator we have been able to create a realistic and affordable training device. This is in line with our philosophy to develop high standard, cost effective simulators. We are very proud to have had the DDA pilots as our guests and would like to thank them for their essential contribution to further develop the DC-3 simulator.

About the DC-3 simulator “Prince Bernhard”

The DDA and MPS cooperate in developing the DC-3 simulator which is based on a real Dakota cockpit. The aircraft was built in 1945 and the simulator cockpit contains many original components. By using advanced computer and flight models, MPS was able to simulate the original systems. The project has entered its final phase and therefore the official certification by the authorities is near. This simulator will be the first and only fixed base DC-3 simulator in the world and will be stationed in MPS’ facilities in Groenekan, the Netherlands. As a tribute to Prince Bernhard, who has flown the DC-3 on a regular basis, this simulator carries his name.

About the DDA

Since 1982 the DDA is focused to keep the Dakota, as it was named by the English during the Second World War, airworthy. The DDA organizes sightseeing and destination flights for the public in a professional manner. High quality pilot training is an important part of this.

About MPS

Multi Pilot Simulations BV (MPS) designs and manufactures fixed based, type specific Boeing 737-NG, B737-MAX and Airbus A320, A320-NEO flight simulation training devices (FSTDs), for the professional flight training industry, such as flight schools, type rating organizations and airlines.  Dick Verburg, founder of MPS and also founder of European Pilot Selection & Training (EPST), has recently been appointed as Knight (‘Ridder) of the Order of Orange-Nassau by His Majesty the King of The Netherlands for his outstanding contribution to the improvement of aviation training and safety and his internationally acknowledged expertise

For more information and questions please address:  MPS, Mr. D. Verburg, tel. 31 34 621 2777 or DDA, Mr. A. van Houtert,  tel. 31 20 648 1508

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