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MPS delivers an A320 simulator to PTC

Port Elizabeth, South Africa (24 January 2017)

MPS recently installed an A320 FTD Fixed Base Simulator at the training center of PTC Aviation in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  PTC Aviation already successfully operate a Boeing 737 NG simulator that was previously ordered from and installed by MPS, and with this order PTC further expands its training capabilities.
This new device has been certified by the South African CAA and will be used for various A320 training activities including part of A320 type-rating training.
PTC Aviation partners with 43 Air School to deliver airline ready type-rated pilots on both Boeing 737NG and Airbus A320 series aircraft for the 43 Air School Jet pilot program. The 43 Air School “Jet Pilot Program” takes private and airline sponsored students from selection to airline type-rating in a cost effective, 18 month integrated program.
The 43 Air School Jet Pilot Program is the only offering of this type on the African continent.

"PTC Aviation are delighted to receive our MPS EASA FTD Level 1 type specific A320 FSTD.
As a leading South African TRTO with a products focused on Next Generation Airline Training Solutions and the development of initial type rated “Line Ready” airline pilots, the recent South African CAA approval of our new A320 together with our MPS B737-800 FSTD completes the training capabilities of PTC on Boeing and Airbus entry level products.
The operational successes of our established B737-800 Airline Pilot Preparation Program (APPP) will now be expanded to a A320 platform through the introduction of our new Airbus A320 Airline Pilot Preparation Program (APPP).
Key drivers in again selecting MPS as our Simulator supplier were Low cost of ownership, exceptional reliability and the high levels of training fidelity offered by MPS products."

“According to "2016 Boeing Pilot and Technician Outlook”, the global demand for civil aviation pilots will be 617,000 from 2016 to 2035 among which there will be 248,000 in the Asia-Pacific region alone.
At 43 Air School and PTC Aviation we always knew we had the right combination of people, skills, facilities and passion to deliver world-class airline training through all the facets and challenges it presents in our part as well as the rest of the world.  We also knew that we needed the right equipment.  Now that we have the correct equipment, facility and am able to supply the full offering on airline leading, narrow body-types, we are class leaders in every aspect.
Our customers come from all over the globe and are extremely pleased with the quality and value that PTC deliver.
We wish PTC Aviation the best with this latest acquisition and look forward to shortly delivering the first Airbus qualified candidates to the industry”.

“We are extremely happy that PTC has ordered another simulator from MPS.  This emphasises their trust in the quality of our products.  We are pleased that PTC can now further expand their training capabilities and can provide training on both an Airbus A320 and a Boeing 737 device.  We look forward to continue to contribute to the high quality training that PTC offers on our devices.”


MPS simulators at PTC