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MPS installs A320 FTD at FSC

MPS installed an A320 advanced Fixed Base Simulator at FSC training facilities at Schiphol Airport, the Netherlands. The device has been certified by the Dutch CAA at Level FTD-1 and FNPT-II / MCC, it is ready for training as of July 10th. By adding the Airbus A320 device, FSC will be able to meet the needs of the customers even better and will offer more training possibilities, flexibility and services.

FSC training is able to offer the complete EASA qualified A320 type rating course as well as operator recurrent programs. Combined with the recently added Boeing B737-800 FTD from MPS, which has been certified level FTD-1 in May 2017, FSC expands its capacity and will be able to offer the customer more freedom of choice. 

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MPS B737 FTD and A320 FTD at FSC