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Philip Adrian appointed new CEO of MPS

Multi Pilot Simulations (‘MPS’), the global frontrunner in the fixed-base flight training devices market, is delighted to announce the appointment of Capt. Philip Adrian (49) as the new CEO of MPS. Philip will succeed Mr. Dick Verburg, the founder and retiring CEO of MPS.

After flying in the Dutch Air Force, Mr. Adrian started flying commercially in 1992 as an FO on the B-737 at Transavia in the Netherlands and rose through the ranks of Captain, Instructor, Examiner and Head of Training. In 2007, Philip joined the Boeing Company as an Instructor and Examiner on Boeing 737, 777 and 787. During his career at Boeing, he also served as 737/737 MAX Chief Technical Pilot, Assistant Chief Pilot and as Chief Pilot Regulatory Strategy, based in Seattle.

Besides his position at Boeing, Mr. Adrian has participated in many FAA, ICAO and EASA rulemaking tasks. He chaired the ICAO LOCART initiative and EASA UPRT RMT, and currently chairs the EASA EBT Rulemaking Task. Philip also regularly speaks at venues such as the RAeS, Safety conferences, ICAO and EASA on a range of matters concerning Operational Suitability Data, Upset Prevention and Recovery Training, Evidence and Competency Based Training, innovation and safety.

Mr. Dick Verburg: “Philip brings in-depth knowledge of the rapid developments in the aviation training industry and is considered a thought leader and active contributor on the topic of innovation in pilot training and safety. I am very proud to hand over the reins to him and wish him the very best in his new role”.

Under Mr. Adrian’s leadership, the MPS team will continue to excel in providing top of the line simulation, while further partnering with airline and training partners to ensure their training needs are met with innovative solutions customized to the organization’s needs.

Mr. Verburg founded MPS in 2007 and has since then led the Company into a well-respected global frontrunner in the fixed-base flight training devices market. With his drive and passion for aviation safety, Mr. Verburg has made a significant contribution to the pilot training industry.

Philip will take on his new position per May 15th, 2018, and can be reached at