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Structural redesign of Pilot training

Article added: 16/06/2015

Pilots losing flight skills due to overuse of automation has become an increasing industry concern. Recent aircraft accidents have been attributed to pilots’ inability to manage their aircraft in manual flight resulting from unexpected changes in automation and loss of situation awareness. While aviation experts have associated these accidents to diminished stick and rudder skills, due to overuse of automation, the problem may be attributed to how pilots are trained in automated aircraft. Lack of understanding more than flight skill loss could be the problem. While the Federal Aviation Administration has encouraged pilots to hand fly to improve skills, limited opportunities for manual flight exist in the current international environment, with potentially less opportunities in the future due to NextGen compliance. To prevent future catastrophic events during this transitional period, a critical view of pilot training will identify how airlines could train pilots in modern day aircraft to maximize safety. The benefit of computer based training to teach operating procedures, fixed based simulators versus level D full flight simulators, redesigning training programs to improve pilots’ understanding through cognitive load theory, and the power of repetition will be addressed.

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