Our vision

Our vision is that aviation safety will continue to improve with better training tools. We are realizing our vision by providing the best and most cost-effective flight training devices in the industry. We use the latest Fixed-Base technology and design our simulators with the help of flight instructors. This way we can realise the highest quality, and lower acquisition and operating cost for our customers.


Moving Forward

Up till now, type specific aircraft training has almost always been done on expensive full flight simulators (FFSs). The latest research shows that for a multitude of training tasks motion is not needed . It is our belief that fixed-base simulators are extremely well suited for a substantial part of multi pilot LOFT and MOFT training. With the latest technologies available, the MPS Fixed Base simulators are as advanced as FFSs at a fraction of the cost. Steadily, the flight training industry is embracing this as well.

Move forward with a Fixed Base simulator

Improving Aviation Safety By Better Training

At MPS, we firmly believe that the only way to improve aviation safety is to improve the quality of flight training. At this point in time, aircraft have become so technologically advanced that very rarely technical issues cause incidents or accidents. Humans have become the weakest link, even though they are still an essential part of aviation safety. Better training is the only way to significantly increase safety in normal and non-normal operations.

Better Training By Lowering Costs

Commercial aviation is always under tremendous cost-pressure. Providing more and better training inherently means higher costs. Minimum legal training is in our opinion just that: a bare minimum level. When organisations are faced with cost-pressure, any additional training above the minimum legal required training is often the first thing to go. By lowering the costs of acquisition as well as the costs of operation, operators can increase the amount of flight training for their pilots.

Our simulators have a significant cost advantage for three reasons:

  • We design our simulators from the ground-up, keeping a sharp eye on costs for each single component
  • We design our simulators to be virtually maintenance free, further reducing down-time and costs
  • We base our purchase price on a margin above cost price, not on how much we think we can charge in the market

Better Training By Better Tools

Our devices are designed by flight instructors to provide the most optimal flight training experience. The design philosophy of the simulator and the instructor operating station (IOS) is geared towards user-friendly and easy operation, allowing the instructor and crew to get the most out of every training session.

Our devices also bring higher-level airline flight deck training in range of organisations that previously could only afford small generic training devices, further increasing the quality of training and preparing pilots for flying airline operations.