History F-BAIF

1944 – Built in Oklahoma, USA

1945 – Delivered to the United States Air force, later transferred to the French Air Force

1945 – Registered as F-BAIF by the General Secretariat for Civil and Commercial Aviation

1946 – Started scheduled flight for Air France carrying passengers

©Ted Wolfgang Rampey, Jan Visser, Maam-Sim

1959 – Started flying night mail for Air France

1969 – Grounded by Air France after 25731 flying hours and sold to Fret Air as a freight plane

1972 – Freight throughout Europe and Northern Africa for UniAir, based in Toulouse

1974 – Hired by Hemet Exploration for geophysical research. Lew to Denmark, Gabon and Libya

1975 – Flew a French media crew to Chad, Africa where Francoise Claustre was being held hostage by rebels

1978 – Grounded in Toulouse

1981 – Damaged beyond repair in a heavy storm at Toulouse Blagnac

1987 – Transported to the Victory Memorial Museum in Arlon, Belgium. Painted in D-Day colors and mounted on a pole

2002 – Taken off the pole by the Dutch Air Force and transported to the Wings of Liberation Museum in Best, the Netherlands

2010 – Crashed during transport to Valkenburg, was supposed to be a prop in a Dutch musical.

2013 – Cockpit bought by MPS for restoration and conversion into a simulator

For further detailed information on the history of Dakota’s and the F-BAIF in particular please read Broken Dreams written by Suzanne van Leendert and Barry McCabe.

or watch the documentary or the video.