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MPS supports the Broken Dreams Story

December 26, 2013

Suzanne van Leendert decided to make a documentary about the history of a specific Dakota. This particular DC-3, with registration F-BAIF, was produced in 1944 in Oklahoma City.  She brought the history to life by interviewing people whose paths had crossed with this Dakota. She interviewed ‘Rosie the Riveters’, stewardesses, mechanics, pilots and owners who all had their stories to tell about F-BAIF.

Dick Verburg With Remnants of F-BAIF
After serving for almost 70 years, F-BAIF was in a pretty bad shape. During transportation it was severely damaged. The plane was cut into pieces on September 16, 2013. MPS acquired the cockpit of this DC-3. The cockpit was separated from the fuselage and transported to the MPS factory in Groenekan. The plan is to build the world’s first DC-3 simulator to train future Dakota pilots. Dick Verburg, founder of MPS, was interviewed by Suzanne as one of the people who helps to keep the dream of the Dakota alive. Suzanne van Leendert interviewed Dick to learn more about his plans to build the simulator. Apart from the one hour documentary “Broken Dreams”, Suzanne wrote, together with Barry McCabe, a book about her findings. The book with the same title can be ordered here. MPS plans are described in detail in the epilogue of this book.

Dick Verburg and Suzanne van Leendert With F-BAIF Cockpit