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Finding DC-3 Cockpit

September 19, 2013

It is not easy to find a suitable DC-3 cockpit which can be used for the project. The Dakota Hunter offered to help: in 2010 a DC-3 was transported to Valkenburg in the Netherlands. It was to be used as a prop in the Dutch musical “Soldier of Orange”. However, the plane crashed while crossing a viaduct and reached its destination severely damaged.

Damaged DC-3 at Valkenburg ©Suzanne van Leendert

For 3 years the DC-3 lay in a field and was slowly corroding away.For many years now Hans Wiesman has been hunting Dakotas all over the world. He is always looking for parts that can be used by his company Avionart. This company offers a unique collection of vintage aviation art, aircraft furniture and interior decoration objects. He decided to buy the remains of the DC-3 and dismantle the plane. The plane was obviously in a very bad shape after being in the open air for many years after the fatal transportation accident. A lot of the fuselage parts were badly corroded or shattered. The plane was obviously beyond restoration, but by splitting the plane up in smaller parts we can keep the memory and soul of the aircraft alive.