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MPS decides to build the first DC-3 simulator

February 19, 2013

MPS started with a DC-3 project in 2014 for a number of reasons. It would be a great challenge and good experience for its engineers to build a simulator from a classic airplane. It would require its software engineers to build a software model based on limited reference data. It would require its mechanical engineers to restore old components and make mechanical parts interface with digital systems and MPS’ avionics engineers would have to build all the instruments and electronic circuits to work with the software program.

DC-3 F-BAIF ©Ted Wolfgang Rampey, Jan Visser, Maam-Sim

MPS DC-3 simulator will be the first and only simulator of its kind. Since hundreds of DC-3’s are still flying today it will give many pilots the opportunity to carry out a large part of their training in a simulator. Lastly it would help the Dutch Dakota Association (DDA) in promoting the use of classic airplanes. Dick Verburg, founder of MPS, is an ambassador of the DDA and has been the driving force behind getting this project off the ground.