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From Wreckage to Flight Simulator

March 19, 2015

Over the past couple of months, a considerable amount of time has been spent on the construction of the world’s first Dakota DC-3 fixed base flight simulator. At this moment, all the primary flight controls are powered through a control loading system to provide realistic control forces. All gauges are working and an in-house developed flight model has been implemented and is currently being tested. There is still work to be done on several secondary systems, such as the gear lever, flap, safety latch and the diamond stitched upholstery. The following is an impression of the work that has been carried out so far.

When the cockpit arrived, it soon became clear that it was in a very bad state. Windows were broken, the fuselage had holes in it, flight controls were stuck and the structure was rotten in several places. The cockpit was completely stripped after which it underwent an extensive overhaul that included cleaning, sand blasting, grinding and was given a complete interior and exterior paint job.

Since the flight simulator is fixed base, the decision was made to design a frame with a permanent angle of 5 degrees to resemble the nose-up attitude of the aircraft when it is on the ground.