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MPS DC-3 in the news

NH Airtime has made a video and written an article about the certified MPS' DC-3 simulator

Vliegen in Nederland has published an item about the first DC-3 simulator training. 

CAT Magazine has published an item about our DC-3 simulator in their latest issue.

Business News Radio (BNR) has extensively covered the safety aspects and the technology behind the development of the DC-3 simulator. 

Piloot en Vliegtuig is a Dutch Monthly magazin, covering aviation news. In their September 2015 issue they cover MPS' DC-3 simulator story extensively.

Het kan in Groenekan

Klassiker der Lufthfahrt (aviation classics) is a well established German magazin and website covering developments related to classic airplanes. In its august issue the magazin covered the inauguration of the DC-3 and its value in training for its German readers.

Klassiker der Luftfahrt