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The Important Role of MPS Electronics

March 10, 2015

MPS Electronics GmbH is located in Dresden Germany and is responsible for designing, producing and installing the electronic systems and panels in the MPS simulators. Steffen Herberg is the Managing Director of MPS Electronics. He had this to say about the important role his organization played in the realization of the DC-3 project: ” The DC-3 simulator was a very exciting project for us. We had to develop and build almost everything based on pictures and measurements we got from the real plane. Normally we make complex simulator electronics and panels for our A320 and B737 products.

As you can imagine the DC-3 was quite different: in a DC-3 there are not so many switches, lights and analogue signals to control and therefore we developed a special electronic system called “MPS link” based on modern TCP/IP technology. Like this, we could establish communication with every cockpit component. All the legacy gauges for the engines, flaps, fuel and voltage were a real challenge. We obtained a few real units which we had to refurbish and adapt to our electronics. All the round engine instruments are completely redesigned based on our “MPS link” electronics. The same applies to all the panels. We were able to use some industrial switches and lamps but a few are self-made.  We worked in close collaboration with a local company called “PTZ” to make all those one of a kind prototypes. We had to make CAD drawings, develop electronic CAD, program micro controllers and much more. Everybody from MPS electronics was very excited about this project and it was a lot of fun for us to build this simulator and give the “Old Lady” a second life.”