The MPS MCC is an advanced generic jet for MCC training. All systems are simulated and normal and non-normal aircraft procedures can be performed in LOFT scenarios.

The MPS MCC is ideal for FTOs that wish to prepare their students for a seamless transition to the airline market. The MPS MCC allows for the highest level of MCC training as well as IFR training, jet orientation and a multitude of MPL tasks.

  • Full large-format EFIS with system synoptic displays and EICAS
  • Flight management system (simulated FMS) and full autopilot, flight director and autothrottle
  • All aircraft systems (hydraulics, pneumatics, electrics etc)
  • Acclaimed user-friendly MPS IOS instructor station software
  • Realistic aerodynamic flight model based on aircraft manufacturer data package
  • Direct projection 200 x 40 field-of-view visual system with Level D image generator
  • Worldwide FMS navigation database including all update cycles
  • Level D fidelity control loading on all major flight controls
  • Climate control for cabin and systems
  • Unique flight control breakout feature on pitch and roll