Aircraft type
Generic Multi Engine Jet 
  • EASA FNPT-II/ MCC and/or APS
  • Manual QTG
Training Options
APS, MPL2, MCC, Jet Orientation Course (JOC) and IFR


MPS has developed the price effective GenJet to better serve Flight Training Organizations that wish to provide more training at lower cost. Because of a highly attractive rental option even smaller schools can now use an advanced Fixed Base Simulator from MPS.

The GenJet is a training device ideal for the new APS training, MCC, JOC, MPL2, IFR training and can also be used for pilot selection. It is the perfect combination of a common Commercial Air Transport Category Aircraft with an OEM flight and performance model.  The device is equipped with all the systems normally found on larger aircrafts, such as EFIS, auto flight guidance and a Flight Management System.

The GenJet uses a real cockpit and has an open instructor area. This area can be modularly expanded, depending on the available space. Three projectors directly project on a cylindrical screen. The GenJet can also be delivered with a closed direct projection screen or a collimated visual system. The MPS GenJet is approved at the MPS factory as FNPT-II/MCC before delivery. 

Standard Features

  • Full-size enclosed flight deck with open instructor cabin area:
  • Direct projection on a cylindric panorama screen
  • Common aircraft systems functionality
  • Control loading on all primary flight controls 
  • IOS failure scenario’s
  • Large touch screen IOS
  • Full size EFIS, Auto Pilot, Flight Director and Auto Throttle systems and control/display panels
  • Functional Flight Management system with Control Displays

Optional Features

  • Debriefing system
  • ATC simulation
  • IOS Remote Tablet: Control all IOS functionality from any pilot seat