MPS Receives FNPT-II-MCC Certification For GenJet

by | Jan 24, 2018 | News

The Dutch CAA has awarded Multi Pilot Simulations (MPS) with FNPT-II/MCC certification for its Generic Jet (GenJet). Following subjective and objective testing in the MPS factory in the Netherlands, the CAA issued a Statement of Compliance. The design of the GenJet is loosely based on the functionality of a popular modern passenger jet for 140 – 170 passengers. It is the perfect combination of a common Commercial Air Transport Category Aircraft with an OEM flight and performance model.

MPS’ President and founder, Dick Verburg: “The certification paves the way for our attractive rental offering of our GenJet to prospective customers. We offer this low-cost training device for an hourly rate of € 59. The GenJet is built for APS, and is also ideal for selection, MCC, JOC, MPL2 and IFR training. We think this will be a fantastic tool for flight training schools around the world.”