Certification support

Certification is essential for your organisation to be authorised to perform certain flight training on your simulator.

MPS actively assists certification for every MPS simulator.


Certification Basics

Before a simulator can be used for various type of flight training, it has to be certified by the appropriate authorities. Certification usually consists of two parts, the objective and subjective tests. With the objective tests, the inspector checks that most measurable qualities of the simulator, such as aerodynamic modeling and adherence to the regulations, are acceptable. The subjective test is a long test session in the simulator where the behaviour, look and feel, systems operation and other qualities of the simulator are checked.

Step 1: Factory Certification

We believe in the quality of our simulators. So, even though it is not required, we subject each simulator to a factory certification by JAA/EASA authorities. Only when this certification is passed, the simulator is allowed to leave our factory. This ensures that the client gets the quality as ordered.

Step 2: Local Certification

After installation at the client's facilities, a second certification must be performed. This certification can be with any authority using any regulations and MPS will assist actively in the certification process by providing documentation, expertise and if necessary, test pilots or other representatives to guide the certification process. Sometimes, contact with local authorities is established well ahead of delivery.


The MQTG (Master Qualification Test Guide) is the primary document for each certification. It contains all required information, flight and other test data, compliance statements for each individual simulator. MPS delivers a complete MQTG package with each simulator.