Installation & transport

After intial factory certification and acceptance by the client, the simulator is ready to be transported to the client's facilities and installed.

This is no easy task and MPS actively supports the entire process.



After client acceptance in our factory, the simulator is ready to be transported to the client's facilities. Carefully, the simulator is dismantled into several parts and securely packaged for its trip. Depending on the destination, transport will be via ground transport and/or sea transport. All arrangements can be arranged or supervised by MPS. Cranes or other equipment required for transport can also be arranged or supervised by MPS.

Facility Readiness

The state of the facility where the simulator will be placed is an essential part of transportation preparations. Not only must the dimensions of the building space and entry points be sufficient, there may be power, isolation and other requirements. MPS will advise on the facility requirements and assist when required.


Installation at the client's facilities is always performed by an MPS installation team. Installation normally takes several days. After installation, some basic testing will be done by the MPS team and local technical personnel will be instructed on a few basics in handling the simulator.

After installation and testing is completed, the simulator will be ready for local certification.