Technical support

MPS flight simulators are designed to require minimal maintenance. When maintenance is required, count on MPS’s support staff to assist in minimizing impact on your operation.


Less Maintenance By Design

MPS flight simulators require virtually no scheduled maintenance and no specially trained maintenance technician is required on-site. This leads to lower costs, higher reliability and less down time.

Scheduled Maintenance

The very small amount of scheduled maintenance that is required is documented in the maintenance manual of every MPS simulator. This consists mostly of cleaning the simulator and periodically checking a few items. All major parts are designed to last the lifetime of the simulator.

Unscheduled Maintenance

Although very rare, components can fail. If this happens, count on MPS to immediately assist to resolve the situation and minimize simulator down time. Most parts can be removed by an averagely technical person (after a short instruction period by MPS) just like in a real aircraft, based on line-replaceable unit (LRU) philosophy. A new or repaired component can be dispatched from our warehouse instantly and can be installed on-site by the same person. If necessary, an MPS technician can be dispatched to the simulator location.

Remote Maintenance

MPS simulators are designed to be monitored remotely. This provides our technical support team with a vast amount of data and can lead to near instantaneous remedies, especially if an issue is software related. We can also monitor potential problems, should they arise in the near future and pro-actively issue a fix or send a replacement part.

Technical Support Packages

There are several technical support packages available depending on your organisation’s needs. From just basic support to all-inclusive services, the level of technical support is determined with the sale or lease agreement.

Transparent Issue Tracking Through SimManager

Using MPS’s own online issue tracking system SimManager, clients are always in the loop on the status of their issues.