Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

“We are very happy with the MPS B737 FNPT II simulator we acquired back in 2013 and look forward to the delivery of a newer and evenmore advanced FTD from MPS. It has proven to be extremely valuable in preparing our students for their airline careers and helped tremendously with bridging the transition from ab-ini to training to their first type rating.”

Olof Bärve, OSMAA’s Chief Executive officer

“We are delighted with the addition of the MPS simulator to our Comair Training Centre. This is the first professional MPS FTD in South Africa setting a new standard for training quality in civil aviation, compliant with EASA FSTD certification criteria. Our decision to invest in the MPS B737-NG FTD-1 to augment our Full Flight Simulators (FFS’s) has been based on our philosophy of providing our airline customers with the most realistic training environment possible. We aim to increase productivity in training, whilst optimising our resources in an effort to satisfy our burgeoning training demand. Our training centre is renowned for its high standards and a “no compromise” approach to the training where safety is paramount. The MPS FTD was specifically chosen for its ruggedness, fidelity and reliability thus offering our client base greater flexibility and affordability in training. Unlike typical MCC/JOC devices, the FTD can be utilised not only for basic MCC/JOC tasks and systems orientation, but in addition for legal training credits toward a type rating, instrument rating training and LOFT orientated command preparation.”

Capt. Glen Warden, Comair Manager Commercial Operations

“AFTA is one of Europe’s largest independent flight training academies and we have been
involved with MPS for the past three years. In 2012 we signed a contract for the supply of an MPS B737-800 NG simulator. The simulator was built to a high standard and was delivered on time to our new simulator facility in Cork ,Ireland. The addition of the MPS B737-800 NG simulator has enhanced our business and it has enabled AFTA to deliver a global standard product to the world’s airlines. AFTA employs many B737 -800 NG instructors who fly with large B737 operators throughout Europe and they are very complimentary of the handling characteristics of the MPS 737-800 NG simulator when compared with the real aircraft. I have no hesitation recommending MPS to flight training academies around the world and to airlines for in-house specific training needs.”

Captain MJ Casey, B757 Training Captain and AFTA CEO

“EPST is a very successful selection and training organization in the Netherlands catering to student pilots and airlines. Over the last eight years EPST has acquired 4 MPS simulators representing the A320 and B737. We have chosen FNPT-II/MCC and FTD1 devices for our MCC, JOC and TR courses. Even our most critical airline customers are very impressed with the quality and fidelity of the MPS simulators, which enable us to provide the highest quality training for a competitive price. That’s why EPST trained pilots are considered to be one of the best.”

Eric Duijkers, Managing Director EPST

“We are proud to announce that Ryanair has chosen to use the same kind of simulator for their upcoming assessments in Dublin as we are using for our customized screening and assessment preparation in Berlin (at Lufthansa Flight Training – CST GmbH)! We believe in the same quality of an outstanding training device, made by Multi Pilot Simulations (MPS). Thank you MPS crew for a reliable product and a very good relationship provided to our partner company SIM4u Aviation Service GmbH.”

Kay Wachtelborn, CEO Sky4U

“We have an MPS 737-800 simulator at Pilot Flight Academy in Norway. It was delivered in 2013 and has been our very best investment ever. It is the key element in making so many of our students prepared to go successfully directly from our Academy to airlines like Ryanair. Thanks to Dick Verburg and the MPS team for developing this fantastic simulator for an affordable price.”

Frode Granlund, CEO Pilot Flight Academy

“Selecting MPS as a training partner was a very straightforward decision. Any production-based business striving for quality and efficiency will invest in the most effective tooling capability and it is our view that the MPS FTD provides that perfect combination. It operates in a class of its own – far exceeding regulatory requirements and serving as a cost-effective alternative to full motion simulation. Approved as an EASA FTD-1 with full wrap-around collimated visual display and worldwide LIDO database, the device provides the perfect training platform for both trainee and instructor. We are very pleased to be partnering with MPS and look forward to introducing the device to our London-based training community.”

Frank Jukes, Managing Director Jet MASTERCLASS

“Aviomar Flight Academy has chosen MPS for it’s high quality devices which are second to none. We are very satisfied with the standard of the device in terms of hardware and software which are equivalent to the most advanced FFS. The MPS support team has been exceptional in dealing with the installation and have respected all installation deadlines to the minute. With the new MPS device, Aviomar provides industry-leading APS MCC training in our new FFS training centre in Rome Monterotondo and will ensure continued provisioning of airline-ready cadets to the industry. ”

Captain Michele Marano, General Manager Aviomar Flight Training

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