At MPS we take going green very seriously. 

We are committed to reducing our own environmental footprint and yours too!

What is MPS doing?

Between a solar panel roof that powers our factory and upcycling retired airplanes that were once in service, our operations from start to finish are greener than ever before.

We give new life to everything from the shell of the cockpit to the seats and instruments which translates to the highest fidelity aircraft-specific flight decks. And this transformation from old to new all takes place through renewable energy via our 298 solar panels!

How do I benefit?

We support our clients in reducing their environmental footprint by advising them on how best to satisfy their simulator needs between lower level training tools, fixed based simulators and full-motion simulators. Our fixed based simulators have a significantly lower environmental footprint in comparison to full motion simulators, both in construction as well as in operation. Best of all, our clients can experience dramatically lower use of energy and virtually no maintenance requirements.

To learn more about our green initiatives visit our blog page for recent articles on the topic:

Going Greener