FTD-2 Simulator

(Boeing 737 & Airbus A320)

FTD-2 Simulator

The MPS FTD-2 is a full replica flight deck of the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320. The MPS FTD-2 is an FFS without motion for a fraction of the cost. The MPS FTD-2 shares almost all components and software of the MPS FTD-1 and also includes circuit breaker doors.

The MPS FTD-2 is the perfect solution for TRTOs and airlines looking to provide more and better training at lower costs. The MPS FTD-2 is easily installed at the operator’s facilities.

Aircraft type

  • Airbus A320 ceo or neo
  • Boeing 737-800
  • Boeing 737 Max
  • Full manufacturer data pack and license


Standard Features

  • Full flight deck replica
  • Flight management system (simulated FMS) and full autopilot, flight director and auto throttle
  • All aircraft systems (hydraulics, pneumatics, electrics)
  • Acclaimed user-friendly MPS IOS instructor station
  • Accurate aerodynamic flight and ground model based on Airbus/ Boeing data pack
  • High definition collimated mirror 200 x 40 field-of-view visual system with Level D image generator
  • Worldwide FMS navigation database including all update cycles
  • Level D fidelity control loading on all flight controls
  • Fully enclosed design
  • Full climate control for cabin, flight deck and electronic systems
  • Full automated QTG with manual functionality
  • Circuit Breaker doors


  • RAAS
  • ACARS – Company Download
  • ACARS – ATC Download
  • BITE
  • IAN
  • GLS
  • UPRT


  • ROPS
  • CPDLC – ACARS Company Download
  • CPDLC – ACARS ATC Download
  • UPRT