Frequently Asked Questions

What is MPS’ installed base?

We have deployed our simulators all over the world including in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and the United States, proving the reliability and quality of our simulator. All MPS simulators are approved by the local CAA authority.

To what fidelity is the hardware produced?

The MPS hardware is produced to the highest fidelity in order to create a realistic feel inside the cockpit. Our design team has worked for many years to produce quality hardware that is durable. The cockpit is an actual aircraft part and so are the flight controls (stick and rudder) to simulate the same look and feel. In addition, we use actual panels and switches to produce the highest fidelity possible including actual aircraft seats.

How does MPS achieve certification of its simulator?

You will need to apply for certification with your local authorities in order for your MPS simulator to be certified. During the building process of the simulator, our staff at MPS will work closely with your team to coordinate and assist with the application process for certification. After shipment, we will install the simulator locally at your facility and allow for you to accept the simulator. Once you accept the simulator, local authorities will certify the simulator whilst our team is present to assist with the process.

Are specific instructors required to run this simulator?

Your instructors will need to qualify under your authority depending on the training that is conducted. They must hold an Instructor rating to a specific level of training that varies from MCCi to TRi.

How does MPS maintain the simulator?

MPS has designed the simulator for efficient and easy maintenance. Therefore, no specific or skilled engineers are required to maintain the MPS simulator. We will train your technician or IT staff member on how to conduct the necessary check ups and how to install any replacement parts when required. If a specific technical task needs to be conducted which is outside the scope of your technician or IT staff member, MPS will dispatch a trained engineer to professionally execute the job on site.

How often does the simulator require a maintenance slot to be scheduled?

In general, the MPS simulator requires a daily check that consists of corrective actions out of the maintenance log. We suggest you plan a 4 hour slot every 3 weeks to carry out any service or heavy maintenance required.

Is the simulator upgradable to a higher level?

The simulator is upgradable to the highest level in the fixed base range. MCC is upgradable to FTD 1 or FTD 2 (FAA level 4, 5 and 6). It is also possible to upgrade just the visual system from Direct Projection to Collimated Visual (MCC -> FTD). With each upgrade, the Aircraft Manufacturer may charge an upgrade fee that could be associated with the data pack level. At MPS there are only minimum hardware charges associated with an upgrade. If you are interested to find out what the upgrade costs are, please contact info@mps.aero.

What is the importance of upgradeability?

Some flight school start their programs with MCC and JOC training. This can be done on an MCC/FNPT-II device. Later that school might decide to include part of the Type Rating or MPL in their training. The big advantage of using an MPS device is the upgradability to higher levels in the field. This protects our customer’s initial investment and guarantees that the MPS device can grow with your business.

Is the simulator upgradable to a Full Flight Simulator?

MPS is fully focused and specialized in designing and assembling fixed based simulators and we commit all or resources to this. The construction of a MPS simulator does not allow for certain impacts a motion platform can generate therefore an upgrade to a FFS is not possible.

Why are MPS simulators fully enclosed?

With a fully enclosed simulator, a pilot’s view through the windows is the outside world provided by the simulator visual system; this provides a sensation of real flying and movement. Also, fully enclosed simulators can be used in open spaces which do not have to be dark nor air conditioned.

Which airport visuals are available for the flight simulators?

The flight simulators are equipped with level D airport visuals provided by RSi Visual Systems unless another supplier is chosen such as Collins or Simthetiq. Airport models that RSi Visual Systems currently provides can therefore be loaded into MPS simulators. Outside of these certified airports, you can create generic airports using an easy tool to construct the airports.

Does MPS provide financing?

MPS can provide a lease or rental arrangement, however such arrangement depends on the situation of the customer. We will establish together with our customer what the optimal financial solution is.

Do I have any warranty?

Yes, you will have a warranty on all parts. After the warranty period replacement parts will be provided at repair/replacement cost. You can purchase a warranty period up to 5 years. Please contact info@mps.aero to find out more about the extended warranty pricing.

For further questions about our simulators, including QTG’s, scheduling, manuals, maintenance, replacement parts and other integral parts of ordering, delivery, integration and upkeep please visit our contact page and insert your information in the form. Our knowledgeable team will be happy to assist.