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MPS provides a wide array of additional training functions to help you utilize your simulator to its max capability.

This diverse range of supplementary services will help enhance the training experience for both instructors and students, and ensure a total solution for MPS customers. The following options can be implemented on all MPS Flight Training Devices.

MPS offers the following solutions to offer you a full-rounded training solution:


MPS interfaces with the UPRT training tools of IDT. These tools visualize the flight envelope of certain types of aircraft. This tool supports instructors in providing UPRT related training. Various upset scenarios can also be added to the IOS.

Unsupervised Training Mode (UTM)

Unsupervised Training Mode (UTM) enables a training environment independent of an instructor. With this function, a crew can train certain lesson plans without supervision. After entering a code issued by the administrator, a pre-set lesson plan will be uploaded to the simulator. This code also links to the personal details of the flight crew.

During UTM, the instructor station is locked and has a limited number of fields. The crew can only fly a normal predefined session in which all failures will be generated as specified in the lesson plan conditions.

After the session, information about the flight is downloaded (including OFDM events) and a report is generated. This way crews can improve their skills and prepare for their recurrent checks at minimal cost. OFDM events can also be predefined by administration and cameras can be activated when such an event occurs. This way you can be assured that the simulator is used for serious training purposes only.

SATCE Interface

MPS interfaces with ASTI’s SERA. This training technology delivers realistic crew workloads and supports the development of core pilot competences, including situational awareness and communication. Speech technology reinforces the use of standard radio phraseology with new pilots, including those for whom English is a second language. These fully automated systems eliminate the need for an already overburdened instructor to role-play ATC and increase observation and training capacity.

MPS RePlay

MPS rePlay is a real-time debrief functionality in the simulator. The last 5 minutes (up to 15 minutes) can be replayed including moving of all pilot control inputs such as control column, wheel, rudder and thrust levers. After the replay, the simulator session can be resumed as normal. This is a powerful briefing tool allowing the instructor to provide immediate feedback to the trainees.


MPS can load Teledyne Flight data and replay this on the FTD. This way certain flight scenarios can be reproduced and analyzed. All recorded flight instruments and indications can be replayed including AutoPilot Mode annunciation and flight director indication. Some systems can be customized to set the same condition or create a “what if” scenario. Even the visual can be set to mimic the same condition as it was during the actual flight.


After a training session, data is stored for a limited time for replay. This data is fully encrypted to secure privacy. Lesson plan content can be used to show the trainees imported training information from the session. Using tags, the instructor can mark important moments of the training session, while additional soft/smart tags will automatically be placed by the simulator to support the instructor in the debriefing. This tool can also be used to prebrief a trainee on the upcoming session.

EFB Connection Kit

The modern electronic flight bag (EFB) is a powerful tool for commercial pilots, whether engaged in flight planning or improving situational awareness on the ground or in the air. MPS, in cooperation with Bad Elf, offers a range of products that enable flight simulator operators to deliver accurate position information being flown in the simulator directly to the EFB platform. This capability enables pilots to see own-ship position just like they would in the real world, without the risk.

Multiscan™ Weather Radar

The MultiScan™ Weather Radar delivered by MPS provides comprehensive weather analysis and threat detection capability. This simulated weather radar enables flight crews to familiarize themselves with the detailed application on the aircraft.

Upgrades and Additional Services

In addition to training options, MPS is pleased to offer engineering and administrative functions to make sure you always stay up to date and can streamline your processes.

Branded Cabins

With plentiful color options and the ability to add your custom logo to your simulator, this is a one-stop solution for your marketing team. The best part? This branding comes at a very minimal charge to you for endless impressions of your brand on trainees, company visitors, in promotional material and more. This option is available for new and existing simulators.


Mid Life Update and Upgrades

MPS can update older MPS training devices and extend the service life of your simulation equipment. This allows an organization to reduce operational costs and bolster efficiency through hardware and software updates that cater to the ever-growing demands of training needs. FTD’s can also be updated to a higher certification level. This can be done at your location.

MPS support

Type Specific Options

There are many type specific options for our smarter simulators. On the A320 we can provide AP/FD TCAS on the Std 2.0 or higher. We can also provide a NEO conversion set to switch the FTD between neo and ceo functionality. For the 737, we can provide RAAS, BITE, IAN, and EO SIDS.

We continuously add more functionality to maximize training benefits.

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