Environmental Sustainability

At MPS, we strongly believe that the only way to do business is doing so in a sustainable manner. Ecological and environmental responsibility is key in all aspects of our business, from the design phase of our simulators to the manufacturing process and everyday operation.


Design and Manufacturing

  • Recycled materials and parts from decommissioned aircraft
  • Lean manufacturing process requires minimal materials, energy and waste
  • Manufacturing waste is recycled or responsibly disposed
  • Parts designed for maximum longevity and reliability


  • No motion means less wear and tear on components
  • Remarketing and refurbishing extends useful life
  • Buy-back option program by MPS for existing devices


  • No motion means vastly lower energy use than FFS
  • Significantly smaller physical footprint than FFS
  • Designed for MPL use, fewer hours in FFS and aircraft needed
  • Reduction in aircraft hours, saving fuel
  • Train pilots additional fuel and flight optimization techniques