MPS Projectors: A Clear Vision

by | Sep 27, 2022 | News

MPS has exciting new projector options available for existing and new customers. As the current standard, MPS FTD’s are equipped with a collimated visual and lamp-based projectors. Recently MPS has decided to install laser phosphor projectors on its FTD’s when a collimated visual is used. For current customers, an upgrade option is thus now available. The new standard for all new devices going forward is F.80 for high resolution and G.62 for standard resolution.

Laser phosphor projectors have increased brightness with a higher consistency than most lamp-based projectors. This is due to normal lamp projectors decaying over time. Another advantage is that maintenance is kept to a minimum and additional costs after purchase are kept low, because laser-phosphor light does not need bulbs. Other benefits include the fact that operating a laser-phosphor projector is quieter and due to its high efficiency does not require active cooling.

The projectors can be delivered with various graphics display resolutions, from low (WUXGA) to ultrahigh (4k). In choosing the right resolution for your FTD, the following has to be considered: the 9 ft dome combines a mylar screen with front projection, but due to the location of the projectors and the geometry of the screen, the pixel density at the bottom part of the screen (below the horizon) is not exactly the same as at the top part. A low-resolution projector can make the bottom pixels seem quite large. To minimize this impact a high-resolution projector should be used.

We have rigorously tested several laser phosphor projectors in our FTD’s, and we can now provide 1k, 2k and 4k image quality in combination with laser phosphor technology. We will continue support and maintenance for the existing lamp-based projectors installed at many of our customers.

If you want to enhance the quality of your visual, we are ready to discuss the possible upgrade of your visual system to the latest standards. Contact the MPS sales team at or call +31 346 21 27 77 or +1 877 MPS AERO (U.S. toll free). We have already installed this technology at some of our latest customers and they are very impressed with the result!

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