MPS Contracted to Deliver A320 FTD at Virtual Aviation Flight Training

by | Nov 6, 2018 | News

Virtual Aviation Flight Training (VA) has placed an order with Multi Pilot Simulations (MPS) for a new Airbus A320 FTD1 flight simulator, which will be delivered and installed in February 2019.

The new simulator will allow VA to offer a range of new training services to Airbus operators. It will also enable the company to increase capacity on its popular AirlineReady® APS MCC course, giving trainee pilots a choice of aircraft types.

The latest-generation FTD1 fixed-base simulators are playing an increasingly valuable role in airline pilot training, with their high-fidelity and innovative features making it possible for airlines to reduce their reliance on full flight simulators.

VA’s new FTD1 simulator will also be used to enhance the training delivered in other areas. For instance, the company plans to use it extensively during the groundschool phase of the A320 Type Rating, in order to provide a greatly improved learning experience when compared with traditional ‘flat panel’ trainers.

Nigel Orme, CEO of VA: “Expanding our fleet with new flight simulators is an important step in our growth plans. We decided on MPS after thoroughly researching the market, and we are excited to be taking delivery of the first MPS Airbus A320 simulator in the UK.”

Philip Adrian, CEO of MPS: “MPS is very pleased to expand the relationship with VA by delivering an additional simulator to their existing fleet. VA and MPS both strive to provide high quality Type Rating training to cope with the pilot shortage in the best possible way: better training at lower cost. The MPS devices selected and used by VA will make that possible.”