Ryanair Orders MPS B737 MAX FTD

by | Mar 30, 2021 | News

Ryanair has placed an order for a MPS B737 MAX FTD-2 to be delivered to its high-tech training center in Dublin, Ireland. This order from MPS follows Ryanair’s recent purchase agreement for 75 additional Boeing MAX aircraft as part of an already existing commitment to purchasing 135.

In a critical time of re-training, this MPS device will prepare pilots to safely return the MAX to service.

MPS Chief Executive Officer Philip Adrian said: “MPS is proud to be able to support Ryanair and its pilots with the safe return to service of the 737 MAX and is excited to expand its relationship with Ryanair by delivering an initial MAX FTD-2 to their training center in Dublin. With recent changes to European regulation, our smarter simulator will play a significant part in Ryanair’s efforts to train on MAX specific items. We share a common goal of achieving the highest level of safety possible and look forward to providing the support needed to make pilots comfortable in flying the MAX again.”

The MPS MAX FTD-2 uses Boeing’s binary flight data model and will be used by Ryanair in type rating and other training, supporting the new training paradigm identified by EASA in its NPA 2020-15. The device includes many innovative training solutions which will familiarize Ryanair crews with MAX-specific issues and systems, therefore playing an essential role in restoring confidence in the aircraft.

Ryanair currently operates numerous MPS B737 NG FTD’s and the recently delivered MPS A320 FTD in its training centers across Europe.

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