Our Continued Commitment to Change: A4G

by | Sep 30, 2022 | Blog

MPS stands proudly by its mission to promote equality in the aviation industry, especially regarding the gender gap which currently exists. We fulfill this mission by focusing on equality in internal hiring and promotion and by actively supporting educational projects and organizations that make clear to any young person that aviation, and especially flying, is anybody’s career to strive for.

Not only is equality of high importance to us, but we also feel passionate about introducing aviation as a career path to students who may not otherwise consider it based on lack of knowledge about the industry, job availability, cost and more. MPS hosts several interns every year to provide on the job experience for young students to broaden their horizon on what a career in aviation can look like. Becoming a pilot is of course a great path we want to promote, but there are many other opportunities and options that exist beyond this one role.

One MPS partner who remains a consistent voice for the above is AviAll (formerly WIA). AviAll states: “The initiative came from a group of eight women who originally started working together through Woman in Aviation International – European Network Chapter. After three years of great collaboration, the group, supported by its members, made the decision to evolve towards a new approach with the goal to encourage, empower, and educate all those with interests, lives, and work linked to aviation/aerospace without regard to race, ethnicity, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, physical or mental abilities, or point of view.”

Prior to COVID-19 we hosted a fantastic event at MPS headquarters.

This year to continue our commitment we are again partnering with AviAll.

AviAll, with the help of Eurocontrol, has organized a wonderful Aviation 4 Girls event – “The New Now – You are the Future of Aviation”, to introduce a range of career opportunities in aviation for 100+ young girls (and boys) aged 15-18 from all across Europe.

The event will take place at Eurocontrol HQ on October 13th from 10:00-15:00 and will feature educational and inspiring talks, various hand-on activities and games. Attendees will also be able to talk to experts who will help them to understand how to transform their passion into a job, as well as attend a small career fair to showcase available professions and careers.

Part of the event will be streamed live online and offered to schools as part of their STEM curriculum.

MPS will be sending four of our high-level team members, including myself, to take part in the event to make sure students are exposed to a wide range of job opportunities in terms of simulation and flight training. I will cover topics of managing overall operations and leading the vision of a company in aviation. CCO Erik Jennes will expose students to the commercial side of our organization. Through our CTO Martijn Niekerk, students will also be exposed to the technologies of simulation and through our Supply Chain and Business Development Manager Eric Teunissen, they will learn the basics on supply chain and more. We are greatly looking forward to sharing our years of combined industry knowledge to empower young people to follow their dreams in aviation.

For more information and to register yourself or your child, please visit Aviation 4 Girls | EUROCONTROL and make sure to stop by our booth!

A big thanks to AviAll and Eurocontrol for hosting such an important event and for allowing MPS to take part! We look forward to this opportunity and many future ones to continue to make the small but essential difference for young people across the globe.