FAA Certifies MPS Simulators At Purdue University

by | Apr 18, 2021 | News

Both MPS simulators owned and operated by Purdue Polytechnic Institute located in West Lafayette, IN, United States have received FAA level 5 qualification by the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The MPS A320 as well as the recently delivered B737 NG FTD serve as essential tools to students preparing for the flight industry making this FAA qualification an important milestone for the Purdue program.

Currently the MPS A320 and B737 NG FTD’s are used in Purdue’s professional flight program allowing each student to gain proficiency in modern generation transport aircraft flight decks. With the completion of the level 5 qualifications, Purdue is developing an Enhanced Qualification Program through which the amount of flight hours under FAA requirements may be reduced due to the quality of instruction and training saving its students both time and money.

Thomas Frooninckx, Head of the Purdue School of Aviation and Transportation Technology, said “The flight training devices supplied by MPS have opened up additional career pathways for our graduates such as the recent partnership with Frontier Airlines.”

The simulators within the Purdue program are crucial for students to gain the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities needed for the airline industry. MPS devices come equipped with the latest technology and can receive software updates as necessary to serve as a smarter training tool while remaining the most cost-effective certified flight simulator in the world.

“MPS is proud to partner with Purdue University to support qualification of our simulators by the FAA NSP. These MPS devices will be used to provide Purdue’s students with important understanding and competencies for a lifelong career in aviation after they graduate from the school of aviation and transportation technology.” said MPS Chief Executive Officer Philip Adrian.

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