MPS Commits as Platinum Partner of Non-Profit Organization AviAll

by | Mar 8, 2023 | News

MPS has signed a platinum partnership agreement with the non-profit organisation Aviation for All (AviAll) for 2023 and beyond. This financial commitment outlines a desire to support a diverse community and the next generations in exploring careers in aviation. MPS leadership will also serve on the AviAll advisory board. Partnership with AviAll follows a string of MPS hosted and attended events in the last several years for the same cause.

AviAll is a European based non-profit organization which promotes, raises awareness and strengthens the contribution of members in all aviation and aerospace career fields and interests by connecting, engaging, and inspiring. AviAll contributes to educational outreach programs, is actively supporting various D&I working groups, supports various mentoring programs, provides scholarships, annual Aviation for All recognition awards, and networking events. Currently in the making is also an annual Aviation for All conference. The platform provides networking opportunities, empowers, encourages, and educates all those whose interests, lives, and work involve aviation and aerospace regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, physical or mental abilities, or point of view. The partnership between MPS and AviAll will support all these goals as well as events such as the widely popular “Aviation 4 Girls” event organised each year. In addition, this sponsorship provides internal benefits to the MPS team, providing them with access to the AviAll network through the company paid membership.

“MPS is strongly dedicated to increasing diversity in our industry and supporting AviAll financially and through the participation of MPS on their board is just another example of how we support this mission both within our own company and outside of it.” said MPS Chief Executive Officer Philip Adrian, “We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Nargis Zamaray and the AviAll team in the past and look forward to further collaboration to continue to increase opportunities for all people with an interest in aviation. This new partnership will additionally provide benefits to our own team members, expanding knowledge and supporting personal growth and development, which is something our management team prides itself on.”

“We have been working together with MPS in the past, however this formal partnership strengthens our resolution to do more, and to do it together, to improve diversity and inclusion in the aviation industry. AviAll stands for inspiration, education, networking, collaboration and promotion of diverse and inclusive aviation, and we see MPS as valuable likeminded partner. We are sure this collaboration will bring benefits to both sides” said Nargis Zamaray,  president of AviAll.

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About AviAll

AviAll is an association of D&I practitioners across the aviation industry who share a common vision – an aviation industry that is as diverse and inclusive as possible. To help drive the D&I agenda, we regularly organise events, educational outreach programs for young people, development and mentoring, and networking events. Our vision is an aviation industry that is diverse and inclusive for all. For further information on AviAll please visit or contact us on