MPS Expands Partnership with RSi Simulation

by | Apr 18, 2023 | News

MPS has signed an agreement with RSi Visuals to expand U.S. based customer support and perform worldwide MPS simulator installations through RSi’s Simulation division. This continues to build on the longstanding partnership with RSi Visuals, who has been MPS’s visuals partner for over a decade, providing collimated displays and image generation systems for MPS devices.

With the extension of U.S. customer support through RSi Simulation, MPS partners in North America will benefit from faster response times for a range of concerns including warranty issues to technical solutions. RSi Simulation, located in Orlando, Florida will also serve as an additional spares depot for MPS which will allow customers to receive replacement parts faster than ever before. RSi will become a primary source for US-based customer support and expertise.

On a global level, RSi Simulation will serve as the direct on-site customer installation partner for MPS, giving MPS and their customers access to RSi Simulation’s global network of simulator installation experts.

“We are delighted to further enhance RSi’s existing relationship with MPS by providing global simulator installation services and post installation technical support in the US. This new expansion of services works synergistically with RSi’s existing partnership with MPS and will allow them to further benefit from RSi’s unique combination of cost-effective simulator and visual system expertise.” Said Ian McBroom, RSi Simulation Vice President.

Philip Adrian, MPS Chief Executive Officer said, “At MPS we set extremely high standards for customer support, and we feel confident RSi Simulation will serve as the perfect partner for further implementation of this as our global installed base of high-quality MPS devices continues to grow. Our customers will benefit from RSi’s highly skilled engineering teams, a new US-based spares depot as well as rapid deployment for support.”

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